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The load-bearing advantages that hold up to the test!

No Uptime Guarantee or Warranty; Temporary Suspensions. While we strive to maintain Iris in ways to avoid any interruptions, suspensions, or “down time,” we do not offer any uptime guarantee or a warranty for Iris. Iris Service may be temporarily suspended without notice for security reasons, system failure, maintenance and repair, Upgrades, or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. If you set up your preferences to send your notifications to a working device, if there is a loss of power we will send a notification that your broadband has failed, but that notification will not provide the specific reason or reasons for the failure.  You agree that you will not be entitled to any credit, refund, or rebate for suspensions, modifications, limitations, or loss of service. We will not be responsible for, nor provide a credit or refund for, loss or interruption in Iris Service or the benefits of the Iris Service to you caused by third parties, including your internet broadband service provider, cell phone service provider, or utility providers, or any equipment a third party provides to you or you use to access the Iris user interfaces. 

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